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Welcome to SpiritWash Crystals, where we provide original designs of altar and meditation pieces to serve your spiritual needs.  We create unique combinations of crystals--recipes--to provide energies to assist you in healing, spiritual growth and  protection.  These pieces are valuable energy tools/allies for your home, your workspace, and your areas of spiritual practices and ceremonies.

Rather than resell lovely specimen crystals (which are valuable tools as well), we combine crystals to create a powerful energy setting to assist you in communicating with Angels & Guides, grounding, heart healing, removing negative energies, creativity, communications, vitality and more.

People have been drawn to crystals/stones for tens of thousands of years, using them in ceremonies and as talismans.  Every soul deserves nurturing, and crystals are a valuable way of serving that purpose.

We hope you find valuable spiritual tools in our products and invite you to contact us with specific needs if you wish to have a custom altar/meditation piece designed.  The individual crystals that we work with are found in our gallery.

Joyful Blessings,
SpiritWash Crystals



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